Roof Replacement

While the average roof lasts as long as thirty years, roofing materials will occasionally need repair and maintenance to ensure its lifespan is as long as possible. When it comes time for roof replacement, many homeowners put off the inevitable simply because they dread the expense. Unfortunately, this can lead to extensive damage that further impounds on the cost homeowners must endure. We are a roofing company in Worcester the people have come to rely on to ensure their roof replacement and repair services are carried out to exacting standards at a good price.

Why Choose Us for Your roof replacement?

As hundreds of homeowners in the Worcester area have learned, we are the roofing contractors who do the job right the first time. Our track record of satisfied customers is an accomplishment of which we are very proud. We do not cut corners or us or use substandard materials. When we are working on a roof, we act as if it is our very own!

When you hire us for your roof replacement, You Can Expect:

  • We will stand behind our work and the materials we use.
  • We offer the fairest prices in the Worcester area.
  • We are committed to customer satisfaction.
  • We strive to protect your property.
  • We are transparent in our pricing.

If you are not satisfied, neither are we!

From the first estimate to the final walk around, you can expect consummate professionalism. Our roofing contractors are experts in roof replacement and have years of experience in all types of roofing repair and installation services.

What Can You Expect During Your Roof Replacement?

  • We will protect your home and landscaping with tarps to ensure they are not damaged in the process of replacing your roof.
  • We will remove all of the old roofing and a material, making sure the work area is clean.
  • We will conduct a full inspection of the wood supports of your roof to make sure they are solid and free of rot. If any issues are found, we will inform you and replace the wood so your roof is solid.
  • We will place a synthetic high-performance underlayment on top of the wood of your roof to protect the wood and shield your home from ice and water damage.
  • We will carefully install your choice of roofing materials to ensure your roof is protective and attractive, adding beauty to the design of your home.
  • We will work to clean up any debris such as nails and other materials so your yard is safe for you and your family.
  • We will complete a walk around with you to ensure you are happy with the work and understand each step that was carried out during your roof replacement.

Call Us Right Now to Get Started!

If your home is in need of a roof replacement, we are standing by to help! We can answer all of your questions and assist you with making any decisions on materials. Call us right away and allow one of our expert roofers to help guide you. Our roofing contractors will work to ensure your roof is installed expertly and efficiently so your home is protected.

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