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Leaking Roof Specialists!

Repairing your roof rather than replacing it can save you thousands of dollars and the sooner a damaged roof is repaired the less expensive the repair is! Determining where a roof is leaking can be trickier than it seems. Water that is leaking through a roof often does not drain straight down, but rather travels sideways on beams and plywood and appears when the water hits a stud or wall. It is possible for there to be a long time leak causing mold and rot that is not detected because the leak is not substantial enough for the water to appear on the inside walls or ceiling of a house.

We have the experience to find where the leak originates and fix the problem. Sometimes it is a damaged shingle, but it also can be a nail hole that was improperly sealed. The damage from a leak can discolor the ceiling, soften sheetrock walls and even rot beams and joists.

Repairs can often be as simple as using roofing cement to patch holes and tears. If the roof has more substantial problems like ice dam damage, or damage from a falling object we can help with that also. We can replace plywood, roofing felt and larger sections of shingles. However, if the roof is over 20 years old and shingle or tiles are at the end of their life and no longer provide protection from water and snow it may be time to put a new roof on the structure. Either way we will fully inspect your roof and give you a recommendation with a detailed price quote.

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